A battered wall stands before me,
Its surface is weathered but remains sturdy,
I grow fond talking to it everday,
Some says I'm foolish, wasting my own breath,
But within its presence, things just seems at peace.

I pour my heart out to this silent stone,
Its there, though, I'm still all alone,
To it, I talk about my days and dreams,
My past, my present, my own experiences,
Despite it never responds, but still, it listens,

Each of its cracks and groove tells a tale,
Within its company, to be glad, i never fail,
They shake their heads as others don't understand,
But it's like holding someone's hand,
For dearest as this, I won't let go.

So here I am, leaning into this wall,
My feelings are true and real, never to fall,
In its silent presence, in this silent stone
Forever I will stand still, stand tall.
For a love unrequited, within this wall.

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