Avoid The Unhappy
Avoid the unhappy and the unfortunate,
Those with a victim mindset, entangled in their plight,
Their shadows may dim your light, as your burdens become disproportionate,
So seek out those with strength, whose spirits burn bright.

Try to surround yourself with those who uplift,
Whose laughter rings true and bright,
For their presence is a precious gift,
Guiding you through life's plight.

Energy shared is a powerful thing,
So choose wisely the company you keep,
For in their midst, your soul takes wing,
Or falls into a never-ending restless sleep.

In the garden of your life, plant cheer,
And with kindred souls align,
Steer clear of the clouds that drear,
Because with the joyful and fortunate, life is fair
And in their glow, your spirit will always glide!!


© Nicole 🍒 JoMoRo