love that didn't last
past 12 am
playing your record on
singing the song you wrote
when love is still there..

the voice, the lyrics and the sound produce by your guitar,
everything were just
makes me feel so loved
giving me so much butterflies..

but now everything seems to fall apart
you fell out of love
putting me in that situation again,
crying my heart out
sobbing in the dim light
'cause of pain
with the absence of the love you said will never fade away..

I hated you, I hated you with all my heart
for leaving traces of you that were too lovable to forget.

like this song you wrote,
whenever I listen and play
the butterflies are no longer the same,
their wings grown into blades
that every time they exists,
it deepens the cut
the cut of the wound you made
with the memories we created
when love is still there..

© dani_eun27