That moment I was losing it bit by bit,
Peacefully changing positions of my heart...
Telling my feeling to stop feeling too much,
To stop caring too much,
To stop loving too much.
I was nearly done...
What was left, was to just close the door of my heart..

And then, he confessed,
Just when I never expected it...
He told me how much he loves me,
How much he never wish to loose me,
How special I am to him.

He explain how much I give him peace,
Compared to all who passed by...
And I wondered if he really meant it..
He confessed his love for me,
Just when I was about to set myself free,
From his love.
After I have doubted the way he showed he care...
Maybe he sensed it...
That I was ready to vacate his heart.
Then he realised,
He will be empty without me,
So he started to rectify his mistakes.
Just before I said goodbye.
He confessed,
And I gave him a chance to proof his claims.

© Chavani Ripfumelo