~•Aches in my heart•~
Aches in my heart, Speaks when I see you.
Cold breeze hits through my face as it is the nostalgia.
Noises are all around here, Yet I can't hear anything.
All I can hear is your voice, telling my name.
Someone was capable of opening your heart,
Which reminds me of my inability to be loved~not by anyone, but by you.
Vestiges all over my heart, wounding and feeding themselves with my sadness.
Here I'm fearing over nothing but to be killed by my own thoughts.
Isolation speaks everytime, reminding me that the winter is coming.
It whispers in the silence of the soul.
The roses are withered. The butterflies are gone.
Footprints of yours still tangled in my heart.
Melodies of my innerself screaming over nothing,
but reminding of my inability to be loved.
I mourn the love I cannot have,
Aching for a connection that slips through my fingers.
Hopes begin to appear, showing the desperation of not to be forgotten by