Against The World
When you wake up with a fresh pair of eyes, you realise the world is full of lies.

Trying to convince me I am ill, just so they can get another kill.

It's not me that needs treatment and care, it's the world that is in despair.

I am fine and nothing wrong, I don't believe in your cure song.

I will fight against the world just to prove, it's the world that needs help to move.

I have figured out the plan, now I need to do what I can.

I'm not being held down any more, it's time to fight and win this war.

You now won't be able to break me down to my core, but you also won't know what I saw.

Time to change and prove you all wrong, it's time the world was gone.

Now I know not to trust anyone, as this whole world is just a con.
Belinda Manton
© All Rights Reserved