Alone, Together, Forevermore
constantly surrounded, forever un-alone,
wee bits of morning, before I awake,
are the far and few moments of time,
in between, that I can call my own.

before the sun reaches the horizon,
my mind has awoken.
enough to feel physical pain, exhaustion;
of motherhood, and a heart long since broken.

as I sit and take the medicine,
maintenance for "mental health,"
an ugly truth is revealed to me and
I'm filled with seering pain within.

eyes now open, a clearer perspective,
swallowing hard, I choke down reality;
my journey, of perseverance & strength
is reason enough for my mind acting corrective.

I left an unmarried woman, to find myself in life,
only to discover a harsh realization of sexism,
oppression of all of my feminist (& human) beliefs,
what am I to call myself as a husbandless trophy wife?

© MamasMobocracyMusings

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