lost Way ....
turning towards the woods to find my lost way
moving far and far to chase the bay .
grasping towards draw to close.
healing from the innercore wounds of hostile environment.
to feel the freshness of air
that chaos my breath
take me in the world of magicians and witches
take me in the world of heroes, which fight with the dangerous dragons .
raining of bullets as the pearls are scattered in the oyesters
fragrance of blood as the garden of lavender.
are we brutal, are we brutal seeing everything, closing the windows again'
seeing the ashes of burning homes
seeing the children dying with the smile
some wants to live a happy day
some wants to create a new world.
some wants a hug from the mother
some wants to be elder one .
what we are creating, by destroying them
by destroying them .

© Filliefortie