The Lighthouse Heart
Oh the blue of your eyes is like salty waves crashing on moaning timbers,
the rise and fall of your aching heart is the swell of the fiercest ocean,
and she rises from the foam in your desires like Aphrodite, flawless and unobtainable,
but still you ride the seas searching for her in your utter and complete devotion.

You're the Captain of a vessel that feels like it's tugging something far weightier,
yet you keep on going, wherever the wind is blowing, from shore to distant shore,
and how many nights in the hammock crying yourself to sleep drink in hand?
watching distant stars from a lonely deck glowing with loving light, you understand.

You envy the seabirds their freedom, your soul is all the colours of an Arctic sunset,
Light-man, the inner flame so incandescent inside you, a beacon of warning,
and the gulls shriek their acknowledgement from the Crows Nest, keeping vigil,
reminding you love is out there, an elusive treasure, keep exploring each morning.

© .Garry Saunders