Travel my Traveller
Travel my Traveller
May the roads of the way lead your soul to the unexpected
And when you reach that unknown town
Please take along their smiles and courage that they have

If it happens you get to a place of rains and Snow's
please don't leave any stone unturned,that's where the most happens
Bring along their water's to see
so that one can feel the floods and their gravity
When you drive through the small road of beautiful old mansion's
Make sure you take a picture of an old woman,wearing a floral wonderful dook around her head and face,those are great memories

Down on the no ends roads of farms,they so long roads that you never know where they going
On that sides there are daises grab a bunch please yellow and white
Make sure when you get a stop to the best coffee maker cafe,you put them right across the table
Do not go with them,cause one other traveler would definitely love them....
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