A neat solution with Constitution!
Rising oceans,
A warming globe,
Savage storms,
A warning foretold

Mountains of reports,
Doesn't help the survival
Those masses in their forts
In the State of Denial.

On the news,
the main issue
is not canoes,
but the need of tissue!

The killer viral,
but what a luck!
the folks at Denial
Don't give a fuck!

No need for mask
or vaccine there!
our only task
To die Freer!

I have a solution
here me out!
The constitution
Gives me clout

Let's give them an island.
surround it with wall.
The size of Greenland,
that'll fit them all.

With guns and ammo,
And with no masks,
What COVID doesn't do
they use claymore blasts!
© Lord Kvakku