The Soulsnatcher Called Insomnia...
With everything that life has to offer,
There's so much to be enjoyed,
But the pleasures of sleeplessness I suffer,
Is the one I cannot avoid.
My mind is in turmoil and my palms begin to sweat,
Suddenly silly things I am used to,
Now become a threat

My eyes burn and my entire body shake,
Sleep won't come and I am wide awake,
The voices get louder inside my head,
Suddenly I am analyzing everything I have ever done or said,
I hear noises and I slip from my bed to the ground,
Covering my ears, shutting my eyes, trying to avoid any sound

The voices screaming in a taunting manner at me,
Telling me that I am everything bad and horrible, like they said I would eventually be,
I rock back and forth as I hold my knees, and I start to cry,
Tears fall on my face and I don't wipe them anymore, I don't even try

Suddenly dim light fill my room and I look at my window, to see the sun slowly rise,
Another sleepless night depart as sunlight fill the skies,
Exhausted to my very core,
My muscles ache and my entire body is sore,
I slowly get up from the cold hard floor,
Already dreading what the day has in store.
© Lolla Smith