The opportunist
A boy or a man?
the difference isn't that hard to comprehend
on pretty girls with bright eyes he pretends to understand
listens to their problems
the perfect words of condolences
and to them he offers a gentle hand
a charming heart
a nice smile with an inconspicuous plan
a boy?
or a man?

An opportunist is what he is
he is not well known
for that would be bad for business
like a dove revealed to be a crow
his anger is in check, unlike some men
not a fit he would throw
at least not in front of a lady
not that dainty one in the second row

he will show her a good time
oh how good it will be
then he will say words gently like before
except this time, to set her free
it's all a big con
she was all but an opportunity
when the race was over and the battle won
he gracefully gives her up, it was only for fun
© angel_ap