"100 Cheers: A Celebration 🎉 Of Your Talent" 🎈

A big Congrats to my baby
Brother, Lummyy

A 100 stars now brightly shine,
Each one a beacon, a friend divine,
Your words, your thoughts,
🦋Your voice so true,🦋
Have gathered a crowd to follow you,
With a pen in hand and heart so wide,
You've built a place where dreams reside,
A 100 souls from near and far,
See you now as their guiding star,
Your journey's has just begun, dear bro,
With every step, your light will grow,
A 100 hearts, a 100 minds,
Your words like threads, so tightly bind,
From verse to verse, from line to line,
Your talent blooms, it's so divine,
Keep writing, keeo the magic flowing,
Your fanbase now, it keeps on growing,
Celebrate this milestone grand,
A 100 followers, hand in hand,
Your passion and your fervor strong,
Will lead you to where you belong,
So, here's to you, and all you've done,
100 cheers, your race begun,
With love and pride, I sing this song,
To you, my baby brother, where you belong,
A future bright and full of gleam,
With every word, fulfill your dream,
Congratulations, hats off to you,
A 100 followers,
And many more too!

© Lunadesigns