I am a traveller of life,
A wanderer on this earth,
My journey never ending,
Since the day of my birth.
I have no fixed abode,
No place to rest my head,
For the road is my home,
And the skies are my bed.
I tread on rough terrains,
And cross vast oceans too,
For I am driven by a force,
That only a few can pursue.
My feet are blistered and tired,
And my heart heavy with strife,
But I must keep moving forward,
For I am a traveller of life.
Through deserts and valleys,
I make my way without fear,
For I know the reward that awaits me,
Is far too precious and dear.
My path may be treacherous,
Filled with obstacles and pain,
But with every step I take,
I only have more to gain.
I have no companions,
In this solitary quest,
But the memories of my travels,
Are the ones that I'll treasure best.
I have seen the beauty of this world,
And its darker side too,
But in every experience,
I find a lesson anew.
I have witnessed the sunrise,
And the sunset too,
I have danced in the rain,
And under the sky so blue.
I have tasted different cultures,
And heard many tongues,
For I am a traveller of life,
And I am forever young.
My journey may seem endless,
But I have a destination in sight,
And I will keep on moving,
Till I reach it with all my might.
For a traveller never stops,
He is always on the go,
For even a single moment of rest,
Makes him feel low.
I am a nomad,
In this vast universe,
But I am content,
For I am free from any curse.
So if you see me passing by,
With my bag and my staff,
Know that I am just a traveller,
On a journey that'll always last.
For I am life's traveller,
And I have no home,
But I am at peace,
For on this path I roam.
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