The one
In the midst of chaos and strife,
There are those who see beyond the facade
They look into your eyes and sense the storm,
They hear the silence in your voice, and feel the weight in your heart,
And in that moment, they know, something is amiss.
They are the ones who can read between the lines,
They see beyond the smiles and the laughter
For they know that sometimes, it's just a disguise,
To hide the pain and the hurt that you're after.
They are the ones who understand,
The weight of the burdens you carry
They are the ones who lend a helping hand,
And never once, do they judge or tarry.
They are the ones who won't turn away,
When you need a shoulder to cry on
They will listen to all that you have to say,
And in their presence, you'll never feel alone.
They are the ones who see the real you,
Behind the walls that you put up
They see the scars and the wounds too,
And still accept you, without a hiccup.
For they know that the storm will pass,
The silence will break, and the heart will heal
And they'll be there, through thick and thin,
Their love and support, always real.
So when the world seems too much to bear,
And the dark clouds refuse to part
Just remember, the ones who truly care,
Are the ones you need to let into your heart.
For they are the ones who notice the storm in your eyes,
The silence in your voice, and the heaviness in your heart
And they will be there, through all your lows and highs,
For they are the ones who'll never let you fall apart.
© cynfully