My Brother My Love
Brother my Love,
Strong willed and determined,
Resilient and intelligent,
Life has been a hell of a ride,
But through it all you've navigated your way through the storm,
You've found strength where even the strongest of men wouldn't look,
You struggle through each day like its a normal way of life,
Rotating through school and working many Jobs,
For some others its no big deal but to me you're the strongest of men I've known all my life, and how you manage to still show up for me, for my siblings and for the family as a whole still baffles the imagination out of me,
Going out of your way for not just the family but friends, for love, is enviable and a mystery,

My Brother my Love,
You may not have it all,
But to me you're all and so much more,
You inspire me to be better, to do better,
You inspire me to fight my way through life's hurdles and difficulties,
You play the big brother role so well as if it's a movie line, as if you are recalling what you've done before,

My Brother my Love,
I hope life becomes much easier and simpler for you,
I hope life treat you as sweet as you're,
I hope life meets you at the center point of your heart desires,
I hope life becomes clearer for you to see through,

My Brother my Love,
how you still manage to be so fine and young even with the stress and all that is beautiful,
Stay forever young,
Stay forever beautiful,

My Brother my Love,
Thank you for being you,
Thank you for being a Father,
Thank you for being a Mother,
Thank you for being here and there whenever I call,
Thank you for the fine young man you're making in me, knowingly and unknowingly,
For you, for the family, I want to do better, I want to be better,

My Brother my Love,
This life time won't be enough for me to love and appreciate you as much as I want to, so let's do this again in the next life, let me be your brother again, again and again,
For in being your brother I've found satisfaction and in satisfaction I found you, and in finding you I found Peace.

I Love you Jeremiah Ohinoyi Adams the First. ❤❤❤❤❤

There's no better place to flaunt my Brother JK Adams. Thanks to Writco

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