Dear me,
Thank you so much for being kind heart when the world was cruel to you pushing to the limit desperately to fit in it. I know you’re tired of being in this succumbing to the darkness, the shame boiling beneath your skin, and struggling with yourself. It feels hard to talk, you hide in the corner, screaming in silence, fear just wakes you up and the water and you are in love again. Colors have been muted only see gray your vision is polluted, Polluted with this submerge. But you never stop daydreaming even in storms. And now I filled the storm's skies with poetry, to make you believe in your daydreams, Paint skies in your complexions, and view life through your eyes “The tiny fighter, small but stronger”.

-Janhavi M. N 🌻
© Janhavi M. Nivendkar🌻