"Thriving On Writco: A Community Of 700" ❤️🎉🎉
Sweet dedication to
amazing, strong, confident
Muslim Sista Sapphire

On Writco's stage, your
Words take flight,
A vibrant muse, a dazzling light,
700 strong, your fans now stand,
A testament to your
Penned command,
Each line your write,
A thread you spin,
Weaving a world that draws them in,
They laugh with you, they cry, they dream,
Entranced by every
Heartfelt theme,
From witty quip to
Poignancy rhyme,
Your voice ignites, transcending time,
700 souls, a chorus true,
Applauding all the things
You do,
So keep on writing,
Let it be known,
Your talent thrives, a seed well sown,
For with each word, your voice rings clear,
A 1000 hearts,
Soon waiting here,

© Lunadesigns