In the tapestry of my life, you are a golden thread
A sister not by blood, but by the heart instead
Your presence, a gift, in my life’s grand scheme
A cherished bond, more than I could dream

In all I do you stand as a guide
With your wisdom and strength you're always by my side
In laughter and tears, through joy and through pain
You’ve been my sunshine, my shelter from the rain

Though not bound by family, our spirits are entwined
In every gentle word, in every act so kind
Your unwavering support, your comforting grace
Have always been my haven, my safe space

Together we continue to through life's winding lanes
Shaaring endless secrets, dreams, and pains
You’ve shown me the way with a love so true
A beacon of light, my path to pursue

No matter the distance, no matter the time
Our bond remains steadfast, our spirits in rhyme
You are my confidant, my unwavering guide
The sister of my heart, always by my side

Enjoying me to do good and refrain from bad
And constantly remindng me of my salah
Praying that I grow to become a fine lad
You truly are one with a golden hart

So here’s to you, my sister dear
A cherished friend, forever near
In the story of my life, you hold a place so dear
In my heart, eternally there