Staggered step,
No good rep,
Lifeless hair,
Like to stare,
Super lazy,
Maybe crazy,
I'm book smart,
Known to fart,
Lack of patience,
And, common sense,
Big surprise,
I'm too nice,
And, I'm mean,
House ain't clean,
It's obscene,
Lazy eye,
Sometimes lie,
Sometimes cry,
Burp out loud,
Avoid the crowd,
Skin & bones,
Live alone,
Stay at home,
Bite my nails,
Frequent fails,
Sleep too much,
Don't give a ****,
Can't shut up,
Pretty sure,
I'm immature,
There's no cure,
I know who I am,
Life identified,
That's just fine,
And, it's all mine.

© W. Helin