His eyes
When I looked into his eyes for the first time
my pupils were skiddish, fighting to hide
a quick glance was all I could buy
but I recognised the beauty in the depth of his eyes.

I wanted a better look so I stayed
I never get tired of them
I look again and again and again
not a thing I could change.

His eyes are like a campfire
warm and loving, truthful and trusting
his lashes an abundance of fuel for the igni
when I look in his eyes it keeps my heart combusting
when I know that he's mine inside I squirm
I should be hiding his eyes from the world
a natural lure without a cure is a danger
his eyes are like nature
forests bloom in the green, grey, blue
mushrooms sprout bringing about little drops of browns
delicately, the roots connect underground
forming a diverse ecosystem
great for squirrels, foxes, and me to live in
I swim in the sea of green
dark and alluring
the edge of his iris is the edge of my world
I reach the olive fields and trees
I rise from the lake
and roll on the daisy's
I know it's meant to be
as I dare to fall deeper
his eyes change like the seasons
now it must be October
because his eyes are amber
leaves ready to fall
and I'm ready to catch them
I run down the Halloween-themed streets
oh how sweet is this candy
finally I get to the maroon canyons
I climb them without fear
I fall in his pupils
for a direct stare.

Where am I?
How did I end up here?
© angel_ap