So he whispered

An overwhelming emotion,
dealt as a strong blow,
even to the best of people,
while facing the harsh reality.

It was like any other day,
they met over an alleyway,
as he left her near her stay,
watching her move towards the gate.
It was like an instant play,
she got hit by a runaway,
while crossing the highway,
putting her in moribund state.

First came the denial,
of the situation he was in,
feeling empty and numb,
not accepting the vulnerabilities of loss.

When confronted by the doctors,
sorrow was replaced by anger,
resenting their inability to act,
blaming them for the bitterness he had.

Slowly anger subsided as he waited,
looking for alternatives or miracles,
so he prayed, so he bargained,
letting him rethink his choices.

Looking towards his precious treasure,
Knowing the end that's inevitable,
He isolates himself in close doors,
As he tried to cope with the loss.

Depression didn't lasted long,
and he came into realization,
accepting the facts with rational mind,
went to remain with her one last time.

All the memories they had made,
smiles and happiness she had created,
caressing her tenderly, planting a kiss,
whispering in ears, his final wish.

Farewell my dear,
I will fear no more,
keep you alive the way you were,
and this will be my remembrance.

© Dr. Manish Rout