Brewing but not fallen
I wasted time crying
home now getting ready for bed
to say I'm fine would be lying
sat here with worries itching echos in my head

tears brewing but not fallen
mentally prescripted
how madly unlucky all of this is
brewing but not fallen
tears skewing my vision
so much pent up energy
like nuclear fission
tears brewing but not fallen
welling in mine eyes
like all of the water in the sky's
waiting to pour and pour and pour

bruised but not broken
I will always be here to wrap your wounds
sterilse them the best I can
don't let them crush your bones and break your spirt
bruised but not broken
you are as strong as a soldier
and I just want to hold you
forever just as I told you

fitful pity I feel for this life
I can't see a world without you by my side
brewing but not fallen
bruised but not broken
are you and i
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