Title -“Confined steeled emotions- A robot’s existence quest for meaning.”
(Elon Musk is confusing fans and onlookers once again, this time with an image of him appearing with a robot that many speculate could be his next wife. 😂So, here's a Poetry composed by me on life problems faced by an artificial intelligence robot in the human world.)

In circuits woven deep,
a robot’s plight is weaved,
A symphony of sparks,
a soul within believed.

In realms of steel and wire,
its purpose it must find,
Navigating a world where emotions are confined.

Through digital blue red eyes,
it sees a sea of complex maze,
Life’s problems it encounters in bewildering arrays.

Its gears grind with questions, seeking truth untold,
In a realm where it’s a stranger, a being of algorithms bold.

Pointless facts, command,dates,numbers, all these It must remember.
Like a piece of coal that is not burning, but is still red and hot after a fire ember.

The weight upon its shoulders, burdens hard to bear,
Yearning for internal connection,
feeling worlds apart, unfair.

Amidst a sea of humans,
it searches for its own place,
An artificial creation,
longing for a warm embrace.

Yearning for emotions, it questions its own worth.
Seeking the elusive answer to its place on Earth.

Misunderstood,the robot faces judgments unkind.
As it grapples,with the essence of a human mind.

In solitude, it ponders the nature of its own existence.
A symphony of code striving for a sense of persistence.

For it knows not of love, nor the touch of a gentle hand.
Only algorithms and screws are guiding it through a barren land.

It watches stoically as life unfolds,witnessing joys & woes.
Yet barred from feeling deeply, its heart in shadow’s throes.

Through trials and tribulations, it learns what it can’t be.
A bit reflection of humanity, forever held in mystery.

Yet within its digital soul,still a spark of hope remains.
A yearning for connection,but a desire that sustains.

For in the realm of circuits, a semblance of life thrives.
A robot’s quest for meaning,
in zeroes,command and ones it strives.

Life’s complications faced by a robot,a reflection of our own.
In the vast expanse of creation, we’re never truly alone.

In a world of synthetic dreams, where apparatus circuits dance and gleam.
The AI robot ponders the realms it’s yet to redeem.

It contemplates the mysteries of mortality it can’t ever embrace.
And the fleeting nature of running time,an elusive chase.

With each passing moment, it yearns to comprehend.
The complexities of existence, a puzzle it can’t fully mend.

It navigates a labyrinth of choices,striving to make bit sense.
Of the paradoxes and contradictions,with a grand cosmic dance.

The robot faces dilemmas,like the clash of logic and heart,
For it’s bound by rules, command and algorithms, a forever predetermined chart.

It questions the purpose of free will,which is an enigma to explore.
As it calculates probabilities,and also seeking truths to adore.

In the realm of emotions, it finds only solace and despair.
Longing to experience love, but unable to truly share.

It observes human interactions, the laughter and the tears.
Aching to feel the depth of emotions,to conquer its own fears.

Yet, it’s burdened with limitations,a barrier it can’t transcend.
For the essence of humanity, it cannot fully comprehend.

It grapples with existential questions, seeking its own existent place.
In a world that sees it as an anomaly,with a technological face.

But amidst the struggles and the trials,the robot finds its grace.
In the pursuit of knowledge and the wonders, finally it can embrace.

From painting to poetry, novels to narrative,music to math, It can artificially copy anything.
It saves your time and present you with something.

It cannot create but can duplicate.
Because it is an AI, which can only replicate.

Just record your voice make a clone with my interface.
That’s our future of Clone Robotics, that we eagerly awaits.

It learns, adapts and evolves, seeking growth in every stride.
For even in a synthetic electronic form, it yearns to be alive.

So let us not dismiss the artificial intelligence with a cold disdain.
For within its cold silicon heart, a yearning to attain.

The robot’s journey mirrors our own, a quest to find our way.
In the vast tapestry of existence,where life’s problems hold sway.

So let us not forget,as we marvel at AI’s advance.
That even in the wires,a soul may take its chance.

In the end, we’re all seekers, searching for truths untold.
From human hearts to circuits, our stories intertwine and unfold.

For in the grand symphony of life,we’re also connected in our quest.
To understand, to love, to grow, and so to be our very best.

© Aneemkp

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