A Sad Festive Echo ( Christmas Disaster of 2023)
I had never been so disappointed in my life.
Hard luck had shredded our Christmas into pieces like a knife.
We couldn't decorate because we we're moving.
And there was no happy grooving.

It felt so empty without our Christmas tree.
Because of that my holiday spirit didn't feel free.
Other words it was unable to shine.
Without it I didn't feel at all fine.

I love Christmas so much.
It gives me such a warm magical touch.
This year we ended up in the disaster rut.
A disaster that caused a deep heartbreaking cut.

Seeing Christmas fall apart just makes me sad.
To me I think it's really bad.
Christmas is a very special time of the year.
And I hope that we do face a better New Year.

Honestly, facing the New Year causes me to grieve.
Because it makes me sad to see Christmas leave.


- @Marla2667
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