I'm A Mess
All was just merely coincidence,
Mismatching the present for the past,
Believed it was related to past-life experience,
Hope that the next day wouldn't be the last…
Trying to find my way, home at last,
But I was wrong, alas!

I'm just too tired to function,
Because my mental health is in coersion,
Mentally unstable that I am, it has been proven
I cannot disable it or I cannot prevent.

I'm sleepy eternally, yet nobody cares
I was hopeful my family listens, yet they do not dare
I silently cry and just shade tears
because I simply cannot bare
this feeling of depression, sadness, I cannot spare.

I need your help, I need your comfort,
I need your donations, I need to confront
I need them all to ease my pain
I feel like I'm already very stained.

I'm lonely even if I have a lover,
I'm surrounded with negative people, family never surrenders,
I did my best to fight back but being enough? Never.
Because all they want is to use me, abuse me until no one else matters.

My home used to be a home
But now it becomes just a house
Because not only do they use me and most of the times tension arrouse.
They gaslight me when things are not going as they planned alone.

This is my cry for help
© adelrey