My precious gem
My love my dearest love
If you were broken and bruised and I was too
I'd still try pick up my pieces to rescue you
If i was sick and dying your arms would be my source to survive
Your presence would be my home
If I was in pieces and sick till I cant breathe
I'd use you as my comfort and I'd never leave
Because you are my choice of home wherever I'd want to be
If I was dying sick and needed love you see
And if I saw your head was a mess and it lead to you hurting yourself physically
I'd stay with you as long as you need no matter what I feel and no matter how sick I am to be
Because you are my precious gem that I would need close to me at all times
Any choice I'd get to be with you my love I'd do it without a second thought
If you were screaming till your lungs gave out and cried till your stomach gave in for me to stay
I'd hold you so close and tell you I'm not going away
I'd never leave you so broken as you are my precious gem
I'd do anything in my power to see you fixed again

Sadly ...this has to change because after today i see my precious gem wouldn't do the same
© Thesaddneedpoet