Chandelier Dreams
She stood there glamorous like a chandelier,
Yet was being controlled by a puppeteer,
Told how to move,
How to walk,
How to talk,
Watched consistently like a hawk.

Feeling alone in a crowded room,
Ok, now resume.
Alter that smile,
Remember the cues,
Face the crews,
Don't refuse.

"Don't forget how lucky you are"
"You've made it my friend, you're going to go far!"
"Just do as I say,
Watch your plate,
Watch your weight,
As long as you look good, the crowd can wait".

Fame is a gift where she can't be herself,
And once she has aged she'll be left on a shelf,
She's forgotten before,
Left alone,
Just a clone,
But at least for a while she was known...

© Violet Serenity