Unrequited Love Delication

I love you even from a distance away.
I love you even when you play me for a fool.
Like a barrel instead of an actual instrumental tune.
I love you through the silence we malice each other; knowing our souls gravitate holds one another to each other.

I love you when you are with her instead of with me and your precious benevolent daughter.
I love you when you looked me deeply peneration, as we connect deep connection, rooting unifying past life souls yearnings.
To love again not closure
I love you when you held me tight, opened doors like the intelligent gentleman. Creator made for you to lead thee way secure safely.

I love you when your in your healthy silence. You stare glaze just for seek; seek you crave more than just skin to skin, but faith of faith; grace graceful an Goddess in reality face.
I love you when we swayed on stage or should I say the dance floor, as you never wish to ever let ago.

O I miss those days
O I miss to make up for all the missed days
For I am in love with you always; miss your kisses, hugs, I wish your presence gifted face.
I love you when you say: "Silence is better, as I focus better, keeps alive, as well as out of space".
Linguistic magnetic electric soul feel
O I am madness as well as innoncence mixed with you
O I love the slow temple, mid points hierarchies; the rumble the sweeter arises up on you in flames fills us too
If passing is when, I shall come too, in the tomb reincarnate again with you.

Through the toughest battle, yet very vital, in separation I long for you.
And your given title.
For I yes indeed entitle.
I see you, I see you, always in dreams.
You watch over me, you care for me, you love me ever so deep.
Soul Love comes with battles.
I hear you; in songs - in signs, resonates ignites.
My soul- My body- in My mind.
I hear you everyday as the days go by.

I Love You
Proudly Loud
I Love You
I Adore You
My Love
My Soul companion incompartiable
My babies Daddy, My sweet pillow blanket
My harmonizing harmony
Mine only

My Ancient God Nubian
Who try crucify we felcony
Ancient soil so the light shine holy upon thee
My Palace onto fine balcony
My Love Is Declared
In all lifetime pairs
You and I
My Ancient God Emperor Magician Lover
My Alpha Omega
Sugar Cane ocean
My passion My gain
My delication vein
My Soul to Creation
Love is healing
You & I together heal the Nation

As I call onto thee
Hear me hear me
We need you dearly
Show with blesses never let us go
Do you hear me?
Don't you runaway from me!
Do you hear me?
I call onto thee
Remember your our legacy
I cannot be without you

Do you hear me?
Do you hear me?
Speak to me not through me
Sleep not on me
Seek me as I seek for thee ever eternality
Soul Love I wish to live to see
Talk directly to me
Cannot be decieved
Soul Love I live breath to be
However However
You have gone far
Committed heavy felcony
Cursed your entire family
How can this be?
You sleep on me?
This time life past life time, how could I forgive thee
For this is the last life ever to exist of me
So is it to seek?
I leave
No forsake in thee

© Robertta Special