Shatter Me pt.2
I was to afraid open my eyes
You saved my life
That's the first thing i realise
It's stinging me like a knife

How much you love me
Knowing that I'll always hurt you
You accept the life where you won't be free
‘A monster’ that's what you'll pretend to be

But i saw parts of you
Which even you didn't see
I can't help but have the urge
To make you live free

Those eyes....when will
They stop possessing me?
Too painful to look at
But that's exactly what i wanna feel

Then i remember everything is shattered
My Friends, My new home, My love
How can i forget about him
I can't help but blame it all on you above

Blame it on you, making you a monster
In my life again but then a hand
Held me so tight making me full of delight
You were standing as beforehand

How can i not be attracted to you?
When you support me even after i hurt you
Again and again that's only what you do
Is this the love which is really true?

Then you unravel the the truth
Of the facts that made me hate you
You we're not a monster from the start
My mind wasn't ready to see it so true

Now i can't help but but feel something
Sparkling Between you and me,
And that's when my horrible dreams came,
Your embrace is where i only want to be.

All that i thought was love
Was nothing but a desperation
Now i can't help but think
It was a daydream for a small duration

“We're just two sad people stuck together”
It broke my heart from inside
But then you appeared like a
String of hope always standing by my side.

Now again i broke your heart in selfishness, too afraid to be broken again
It hurts to see you like this
Seeing you going in a vain

But I'm too afraid of again falling
What if this time there is no one
Who'll be by my side
Because you'll be the one on the other side

But i saw you crying, Shattering into
Millions of pieces then i promised myself
That I'll hold you forever until you'll
Never again be dishelved

I can't help but feeling like crying
Because reaching you right now I'm trying
You're too broken to be by my side
But don't worry now it's time to IGNITE

“I love you exactly as you are”
These are the only words that came
From my mouth by so far..
After this kiss I'll even forget my name

“Lift your hips for me, love”
These words felt like a gift from above
And now we're lost in eachother
Taking back what we lost together

You say “You feel so unreal”
But oh my Aaron you feel ethereal,
We'll stick together forever,
That's our unconditional deal.

“Ignite, My love, Ignite”
“All my life i will rely on you”
“Sometimes, I think my love will terrify you”
“It's okay Aaron I will always justify you"

One of the best book series I've ever read in my life.>>>>

© Warner.lyhfml