the dance of life
Upon the stage of time, we twirl and sway,
A dance of life, in every step we play.
Our hearts entwined, a rhythm, soft and sweet,
A melody that whispers, "Love, let's meet."
Through laughter and tears, we tread this floor,
Our hearts beating as one, forevermore.
In every twirl, a secret we share,
A promise, a bond, beyond compare.
The spotlight dims, the music fades,
Yet, our dance continues, in silent parades.
For in our hearts, the rhythm still resides,
A testament to the love that never dies.
So let us dance, through life's ebb and flow,
Embrace the steps, the highs and lows.
For in this dance, we find our truth,
The beauty of love, in every youth.
In the Garden of Regret
Amidst the blooms of sorrow,
Where once love did flourish,
Now lies a garden overgrown,
Choked by the weeds of regret.
Petals of passion withered,
Leaving behind a bitter taste,
The once sweet fragrance now lost,
In the shadows of remorse.
The vines of guilt entangle,
Entwining memories we share,
As the thorns of blame pierce deep,
In the heart where love once dwelled.
Raindrops fall from clouded skies,
Mirroring the tears we've shed,
Yet in this garden of despair,
A seed of hope begins to stir.
For within the darkness, hidden,
Lies the potential for growth,
A chance to nurture new beginnings,
To cultivate a brighter path.
So let us tend to this garden,
With care and patience it shall bloom,
For in the heart of sorrow,
Lies the strength to rise anew.
© प्रियंका