And Here You Stand
How could it be.?
Me defeated.? By a woman's mere stare.?
How dare you heart.! Giving into her sweet chirps.? Unacceptable.!
Those roseate lips of hers , shouldn't be the reason why you dream of tasting them.!
How could it be.?
Eyes as sharp as a deer's , maybe that's why you couldn't look into them for more than a second.
Because you are afraid if it will pierce through the Armor of yours. , aren't I right oh heart.?
So tell me how could it be.?
That once you promised with all your might that you won't fall on your knees for a woman ,
That once you promised to the gods that you wont let any woman into your heart ,
But here you stand ,
questioning your mental might.
" But you pledged not to fall for a woman to the gods " ask my peers ,
"What if I have fallen for the goddess herself.?"

#love #writer #romantic

© Samar_.