Finding my own rhythm
In the hustle and bustle of everyday life
I find myself running, trying to survive
Chased by the seconds, minutes, and hours
I'm caught in this race, feeling so sour

But amidst the chaos, I long to find
My own rhythm, a melody entwined
With the beating of my heart and the flow of my breath
I seek to dance to the tune of life, unhindered by death

I search for the moments when time stands still
And I can savor the beauty, the joy, and the thrill
I yearn for the peace of a quiet, still night
Where the stars dance and the moon shines so bright

I am constantly looking at my watch
But I yearn to break free from this hurried botch
I want to linger in the sunshine's warm embrace
And let my soul be touched by nature's grace

I seek to find my own rhythm, my own pace
To embrace each moment with love and with grace
To breathe in the fragrance of every new day
And let my spirit wander, and let it play

I long to be like a river, flowing so free
Or a bird soaring high, in the vast, endless sea
To find my own song in the symphony of life
And let go of the struggle, the worry, and the strife

© Jovan_love