A Silent Voice Whispering , Into my thoughts #4
Through darkness to light
Through shadows of doubts ,
a softly hums,
echoes from depth, elusive and numb .
A resilient anthem,a constant choice
moving through winds, towards a silent voice
In the Cadence of dreams and the emotion between,
The silent voice lingers, the presence unseen

A whispers within soul ,
a calling of self love
with symphony of emotions ,notes untold
Melodies woven with threads of divine
the silent voice echoes through corridors of mind

Through the joyful high and sorrowful low ,
a whisper paints the canvas where rivers of life flow
Like gentle breeze the voice whispers through trees ,
a beautiful song sings , leaves no trace
a melody of every pain to love yourself
soothing pain's refrain , a gentle embrace

#writeco #love yourself

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