He Flew Into The Night
All i did was watch him,
I loved watching him.
Everything about him, made my heart hurt.
He walked in small precise steps, like he was scared of hurting the ground.
He always looked at the ground whenever he walked like he was scared if he didn't he would lose his footing.
He closed his eyes a lot, like it hurt to look around.
His breaths sometimes were so spaced apart like he was struggling to remember to breath.
I wondered what he sounded like but he never spoke
It's like he existed in a space he would rather not.
His face,
His, beautiful face was achingly sad in ways that made your heart ache.
I bled for him.
I wanted to wrap him in warmth and hide him from the world that made him so tortured.
Everyday, i made slow steps to catch him.
I was close
So close
But he was already flying
And he flew too high for anyone to reach him.
And one morning, he didn't show up.
He'd flown away in the darkness of the night.
He existed no more.
And i had no one to watch.
And now i walk slowly,with my face planted on the ground and i close my eyes a little too often,
and sometimes i forget to breathe
Because i too want to fly to the darkness of the night.

© ygd