Huckleberry Finn
She came at me while we were at the swings
And smiled with glee
(But I wanted to flee)
"Why does that smile look directed at me?"
"It's because you remind me of Huckleberry Finn!"

The years passed and then we were sweet,
A fine way it was to Mark sixteen-
And on and on she'd go on still
Reading me harrowing tales of Huckleberry Finn

And then we were grown, a little over twenty,
And still she loved all that was young
(I thought it was silly!)
"Don't you ever get tired of obsessing over fantasies,
Or talking endlessly of Huckleberry Finn?"

Her gentle smile turned to a sinister snarl
And she took a kitchen knife and stabbed me in the heart;
Over the blood loss I believe I faintly heard
Her voice as she remarked,
"You're nothing as charming as Huckleberry Finn!"