The fight of good and evil, ever so clichéd
But isn't it the truth of life.
For every day is a fight within, every day is a struggle with ourselves.
Once in a while we all give in to the devil of our mind, that persistent devil who works day in and day out, unrelenting, to defeat our will to do good.
And once I a while there is a sound inside which brings out the valiant warrior to fight our own vermin.
Some battles we win, some we lose....

So long have I desisted this thoroughfare
To lay down my arms thus be a naked wretch
The grasp of this life has left my soul bare
For what's more horrific than the treasure I fetch

Frail grows my soul with every collapsed stride
And dark my desires in the murk of the path
Loathe is my shame, I long ago have died
I see my devil dancing savouring its ritual bath

Destitute are happier in their trodden ways
Filth of the thoughts are my minions reigned
A castle I have built where all my guilt stays
In madness of fallacy I reign a kingdom feigned

Who be the ghastly shadows in the distant fog
Trembled be my vision conjuring that very dream
Dead lie my limbs like a heavy log
What an ocean of doubts is my little stream

Far across the lands I see a distant rope
High in the heavens I see those guiding lights
Deep in my heart I have a little hope
Like a Knight I will rise to give it a good fight

I dare with all my might and shadow my very pain
I pierce the flesh of loathe and beat it at its game
In battle then I relish the cleansing of my bane
Be no metal proven that never met a naked flame

I rise above the mire, i spread my mighty wings
I am the king I dreamt, one with a sure plan
But soon to my shock, the darkenss again sings
Coz to my persistent devil, I am just a man.

© raaifshah