real love!
A walk on a beach,
Both, on your bare feet,
So close and within reach,
A conversation brief but sweet,
holding Eachother's heart
he says now i will start
holding ur hand i will always stand
i will not let this bonding end
u became more important with time
she replied
Will uh keep all this in mind
i will walk with uh in your toughest time barefoot over sand in the mid of afternoon or at any time
together we will be at top with time
wht if i will be so down he asked
i will hugs uh and not leave till uh healed
and smile that time
she replied💫❤️
they both saw a beautiful sunset
and together they said
No matter how our time will
we will always end our day like a beautiful sunset and will start next day with a beautiful sunrise😶‍🌫️
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