The woman I am becoming
She walks with a quiet confidence
A fire burns within her soul
For she knows the road ahead
Will cost her people, relationships, and more
But she's chosen to embrace
The woman she's becoming
For she knows it's worth the sacrifice
And the pain that comes with running
From the expectations and norms
That once held her back
She's breaking free from the mold
And courage is what she lacks
She'll lose some friends along the way
As they don't understand
Why she'd give up everything
For a dream they can't comprehend
But she knows deep down
That the woman she's becoming
Is the one she's always wanted
And she won't let anyone stop her from running
She'll leave behind spaces
That no longer serve her growth
For she's destined for greatness
And she's not afraid to go
And as for material things
She'll give them up without a thought
For she knows true happiness
Can't be bought or sought
The woman she's becoming
Is brave, resilient, and bold
She chooses herself above all else
For she's worth more than gold
So let go of the fear
And embrace the unknown
For the woman you're becoming
Will guide you to your throne
Choose her over everything
For she is your truest form
And in her, you'll find
The strength to weather any storm..
© cynfully