Sow the seeds of gifts or regret
There is no medicine for regret, only the absolution and branches that are interconnected to more paths.
Vibrating air and whistling winds
The sun rises like a tide of surging golden light
upon the cloudless skies
Feel the drowsiness forming from the eyes, a circling dark eclipse.

The agony of impending regret rushes towards the perfect dreams, leaping and blowing it away until it dissipates

back to reality, i feel a disappointment that bleeds the heart
from the endless piercing frost.
Freezing, the cold numbs the existing pain as i move forward with the seeds of regret

Minute by minute, hour after hour
it grows and matures into stronger feelings.
The drowsiness of hallucinations shares its spot with reality as both fall into chaos
what is real? what do i want.

© Ashy_