The Twins who Climbed Killamanjaro—⁠☆
Collaboration Presenting To The Universe 💗🥰
SAPPHIRE (being a boy first time🤭💓)

(Nothing is impossible 💞🫂❤️ when to friends ally burning with determination 😇💖🍄)

The Blackened Skies were Ominous and Foreboding that Day,
But we Boys were both Bold and Brave that Bright Beautiful Day Anyway,
So we Grabbed our Grappling Grips and Hanging Handles with Salted Hands and Hooks to Scale,
So Starts this Sizzling Story of Survival by Twins in this Spectacular Tall Tale!

The Winds Blew Mighty and the Gale was Quite Strong,
But we Pushed Along all the Day and Night Long,
Trying to Pass a Trail no one believed we could Pass,
But we both continued on accepting their words as Nothing more than inert Gas.

And though there were Times he and I surely would Slip and Fall,
We would always help one another back to their Feet and Stand up Tall.
Where Heaven met the Sky, that is where we planned to end this Journey up the mountain ,
Having completed all things imagined returning to our normal everyday Life Fountain !

Until then I will hang out with my Bestie, 😁 my Companion and Friend
And we will Scale Killamanjaro together, even till the very End!

Life is short, and risks are necessary,
Michael and I hold hands, climbing in unity.
Cooperation is our strength; together we face the unknown,
Trusting in each other's efforts, our bond will forever be sown.
We may stumble, but our friendship and faith will move mountains high,
Our victory will resound louder, our hearts beating with a determined sigh.
The raging winds try to shake our resolve, but we embody unwavering determination,
Smiling at each other, we reach the summit, our potential fully realized.
We prove the naysayers wrong, our achievement a testament to our unbreakable bond,
As we stand at the edge, our hands intertwined, victory's smile on our lips, we made the impossible possible.
We thank God for guiding us and making our journey easier, forever grateful for the assistance that thrives within us.

©️@I_Am_Michael & @Shirin478
© Feel This Aesthetic Verse💙🤗