scorched earth.
Destroying the world is the ultimate symphony of power,
A crescendo of control where every scream and every flame
Dances to my will in this dark, triumphant hour,
Erasing the old to make way for my vision of perfection.

In the chaos, I find a twisted kind of beauty,
Each shattered dream and broken city,
A testament to my unyielding duty,
To remake a world that's gritty, raw, and gritty.

The flames rise higher, painting the sky,
With hues of vengeance, relentless and pure,
Each echoing cry, a melody that won't die,
A reminder that in destruction, my reign is sure.

Gone are the weak, the frail, the undeserving,
In this symphony of annihilation, I stand tall,
For in the ashes, new strength I'm preserving,
My vision of perfection, rising above all.
© Mlondi Ngubane