Because Of You
Title: Because Of You

I will not leave behind the one I claim to love, to turn living away from them.

I will not cry, in the spots you did.

I will not bow to the same weakness that you bid.

I'm known to walk out in the same direction that you hid.

All that I know; all that I fear, and all that I feel is I'm falling apart into the world below of fire, and overtaken by complete darkness.

I could take a gunshot to the heart, because of you; because of the lies that you want me to live down until my very last breath.

Because of you, I love myself a little more louder, the glory you wear around your crown, from pretending to fall and pretending to be the victim of being the clown that you truly are.

Because of you I bleed on, and off my period from being in a brawl with life, viciously and desperately trying to become an escape artist of violence,betrayal, neglect, and your effortless and repetitive attempts to send me to an early grave so that you can find peace and joy of mind.

Because of you I love you further away, I can't be pressured to receive you in my heart if we share a foundation together.

Because of you I sway in weariness, loving you makes my nights longer than they should, it's like I'm working overtime. I don't sleep because of you.
You rob me of serenity and solace and now I can't rest my head, it just burns of the infatuation of you holding my hands and my heart telling me that it's going to be okay.

I'm bound in cloud of religion filled with remorse, bitterness and regret, because of you knowing the known me, and I am settling down with only me, because of you it's just me running in circles to escape your reign, running away from my past and towards the dream, but somehow I am running out of breath trying to outrun my shadow. Because of you I am feeling low, you have me under the battleground.
It's like I'm being exorcised in my mind, trying to find the clues to all the missing parts you left my world under water, so I could not speak or even breathe, but because of you I have learned not to notice my eyes have been a blur for crying way much too long over you, but I think with the damage done, I should get over you, because of you I am running out of virtue to love anyone else like you.
Because of you pulling me down, just to save yourself I love only the thought of you loosing me to the purple sky flight right over me, in the world I am your imaginary why.

Your imaginary solution, to rid these walls from ringing me through the world behind what is all we've seen, because of you I may die, but nobody else would morn for me, unless in the twisted way you think of me their tears of joy.
Because of you I can't find my way; everything is so dark. I can't seem to turn the light on, and sometimes somehow deep down inside myself I know that I don't have to be here, alone.

Because of you, lies and walls between us, I don't knead love. Love will find our flaws in days. Imprisonment for themselves, like theives in the night air, like time; there's enough reason won't undo, but grieving over loving you, not pouring back into life.
Because of you I don't want to be with you, but I can't live without you. I would like nothing more than, but to remove the welding burns of your touch away from my dwelling place of the deep.

You were the only one that hurt my soul for running away to turn the world and the future against me behind my back to keep me around but still so distant from anything good enough and good and pure.

You've purged the light down inside of me, because of you, because of greed and your lust for power over me.

Because of you I won't understand why I should let go, and let love in.

Because of you I don't know what to truly trust again.

You said it would be family over friends forever, but the first thing you did was leave me, because of you looking for something or someone to complete your soul, but I was foolish to believe that I could compete with when you are all that that today and tomorrow knows about.

Because of you I don't think I should have to be burned alive, because being buried aligned is too usual when you are always already alright with an immortal, but immune death.

I can't ever suffice as another ordinary imaginary why, because of you walking so tall, and parallel to belthazor when it comes to the cosmic familiarity place inside of us we share the deja Vu of me disappearing from you, we both can hold a testament it's the least I deserve better because of you.

I want to forget your name, and that you ever mine, a stronghold in the chain , I think I change between the dawn and dusk, but reduct the seven seas to move the mountains that's in my pathway so I have clear vision to confirm that because of you, nobody is going to be good enough for me to reach the unbreakable high.

In such short term, and suspended life.

The greater revelation is always nothing is inevitable but the knock at your door from the reaper, an neutral force coming to carry you out in it's cloak, hiding you in it's vivid wings, as if each feather had a lifespan and mind over matter with power to encamp it's prey in shrouded darkness, just likely long enough to present two doors to choose, but because of you I feel blindsided, so how will I know which way is the end and where to pretend to watch over you.

Because of you I will Wilde away from the people that mean and will is to only make the bruises worsen.

Because of you I stare at times and wonder how we slipped away.

Wonder hath we never drifted so far apart, would I still feel safe, and better off within myself; within the blazing night, the freezing wind and the rain outside, it's like blisters on my doorstep a far .

Because of you I wonder does anyone care, or have a working heart?

Will anyone ever rescue me from the danger in the night?

I've been trying to find a place to reel me in, until the meantime keep me in it's thoughts and prayers it's feeling pretty impossible for a miracle, because of you, lingering at the door and on post, open to attack the floorplans from the day I can extend my wishes to the thread of heaven, I am in need of a hearing now.

Because of you I am a unknown life, but an unfulfilling and empty paradise.

Because of you my world is just me without another.

Because of you I don't mind being succulent, let the mirror see what it may; my desire,and designs to live for love has broken past repairing.

Let it reflect on my beaten flesh and cheated heart, my thoughts about love or renting you has depreciated, but like you, because of you I won't let you in.

There was a time I would cave in; sacrifice my soul and all to let happiness feel you, but because of you I have learned the hard way.

It's not my responsibility to love, not even to live to like you. You made a fool out of me.

You made food out of me eating away all of the good things and discarding away the no good for me to live with.

Because of you I am expected to take everything bad , and move under you.

Because of you I am not afraid, but ashamed I've yielded unto you, to listen to your cry that you are fouled.

I'm not worthy to die for you.

Because of you I am bitter and hollow to my core, and through my pores.

Because of you everyone else might be right about one thing for sure, it's I'm not capable of potential to want you back inside my arms after isolating me, and oppressing trying to provoke me into a suicidal floats , and your hopes and dreams to fulfill your guilty pleasures of me floating out of sight, and out of mind would bring you to make you feel secure and superior for being in the pages of the people hearts, and the conclusion why my spirit is somewhere freezing cold.

You won't surrender to release me, because of you.

Because of you I am stuck in the shower of your mistakes.

Because of you I don't have to be a leader.

Because of you anything frivolous fervent and impossible is here for gain.

Because of you living alone becomes easier.

Because of you.

Because of you.

Authorship by Mr Dashaun Rashod Snipes

©Mr. Dashaun Rashod Snipes
© All Rights Reserved