new version of [echoes of War]

Bang! Boom! Pew!
Sounds of guns escort soldiers to death
Waah, Waah! Tears fall like rain
For freedom's sake, we cross the crimson sea
To be free, in our own nation

Cries of the fallen echo through time
Where camouflage clad warriors fought in vain
Scars, both seen and unseen, remain
Waah! Waah! Hearts yearn for peace to reign

Fighting for freedom, in their own land
Lives lost, with bullets as their final stand
Like the angel of death, heroes and heroines true
For bravery is their legacy, Waah! Waah! anew

Then, "Neh, neh" was never heard
Mercy sought, from enemies so blurred
Seeking change, seeking freedom's call
Not to be slaves, not to obey all

When it ended, where did some go?
In heaven, singing glory's sweet refrain?
In hell, yelling through eternal pain?
On earth, remembered as the fallen ones, in vain

© All Rights reserved @𝘳ꪮꪗ𝓳ꪮꫝꪖꪀꫀ♡