In the heart's tender embrace, love does bloom,
A force that sweeps away all gloom,
In whispers soft and kisses sweet,
Love's melody, a dance so neat.

Two souls entwined in passion's fire,
A bond that never will tire,
Through laughter, tears, and moments rare,
Love's flame forever bright and fair.

In every beat of the heart's drum,
Love's symphony, a kingdom come,
A tapestry woven with threads of trust,
In love's embrace, we find our lust.
A journey of delight and pain,
Love's sweet refrain, a gentle rain,
In every touch and gaze so true,
Love's essence pure, forever new.

So let us cherish love's sweet grace,
In every moment, in every place,
For in love's arms, we find our home,
A sanctuary where we roam.