"Echoes of Destiny"
In the heart of love, a deity resides,
With hands that sculpt the universe's expanse,
A tender touch, where compassion abides,
In every moment, in every glance.

A loving God would paint the dawn,
With hues of hope and gentle light,
Would mend the broken, the lost, forlorn,
And guide them through the darkest night.

A loving God would kiss the earth,
With raindrops sweet and sunbeams warm,
Would nurture life, bestow its worth,
In every whisper, in every storm.

With grace, this God would heal the pain,
Of shattered dreams and wounds unseen,
Would lift the weary, the souls in chains,
And wrap them in a love serene.

In every kindness, every caring deed,
In every act of mercy shown,
A loving God would plant the seed,
Of love's eternal, boundless throne.

For in the realm where love holds sway,
There lies the essence of divinity,
In every heart, in every way,
Love is the truest, purest infinity.