Two Peas in a Pod
Once we were close, like two peas in a pod,
Laughing and chatting, our friendship so broad.
But, then something changed, we drifted apart;
And now when we pass, there's an awkward start.

I see her at school, in the hallways we cross,
But, now she won't look, feels like only my loss.
My heart still races, I still feel the same;
But, I'm left with doubt, and feelings to tame.

I wish we could talk, like we used to do,
Share jokes and stories, just me and you;
But, she seems so distant, like we never met
And I'm left wondering, what I couldn't forget.

Perhaps it's my fault, I can't help but think,
Maybe I said something, or missed a small wink;
But, all I know is, I miss her so much,
And seeing her now, it hurts so much.

So I am holding on hoping that things will get better,
That our friendship will mend, and we'll be together,
Until then I'll wait, with a heart full of ache
Hoping forever on the bond that we'll remake.
© davidsaju