forever is soon
Write a poem on how you became soulmates and how no obstacle will be able to keep you apart.

I never believed in soul mates or fairy tales
until I met you, met you in the sense as who you
are through loving you your stuck with me don't you see I can't help but love you and I know without a doubt like it or not you love me to.

there can't be an end to the magic we bring to the world without you my sky at night is without it sparkle and shine you and I promised forever and always that means I'm yours forever because your always mine at least you know somehow that your never alone I always come for you my dear heart
go round and round like night and day
my love is everything you can't get away

I'll see you soon my dearest moon we'll light up the night sky and make it sparkle again. always and forever can be a long time and there no one better than you are to me that's why I promised you all of time I wouldn't change it for the world and remember your forever mine.
© X