Broken, shattered, and torn
Our hearts ache, feeling forlorn
For some people, it's hard to bear
That they can't be in our lives, only in our hearts, they'll share
We held onto hope, tight and strong
That they'll stay with us, our whole lives long
But some paths are meant to diverge
Leaving us with memories, we must purge
It's painful, accepting this truth
That we must go on, without their youth
Their laughter, their touch, all gone
Leaving us to mourn, all alone
We try to hold on, to keep them near
But time and distance, we must fear
For they're now a distant memory
A bittersweet reminder of what used to be
We can't force someone to stay
If they choose to walk away
We just have to accept and let go
Of the ones who could only be in our hearts, not in our lives, we know
Though it hurts, we'll learn to cope
With the void, they've left in our scope
For we'll always cherish and hold dear
The moments, the love, they once shared here
Broken hearts, we'll mend in time
But their memory will forever shine
A reminder of the love we once knew
In our hearts, they'll always be true
So we'll let them go, with a heavy heart
But we'll keep them close, never apart
For some people can only be in our hearts
And that's where they'll forever be a part.
© cynfully